About us and Dekpor

What are we doing?

We want to give people, especially children a better future with our commitment and donations. In our current project we collect donations for the Dekpor School in Ghana. The children of this school sometimes do not even have enough to eat and the school itself needs urgent improvement

Why should you entrust your donation to us?

Because it's also our concern that the donations arrive in Arfica and are well used. Pediatrician Dr. Conny Schmickl and Mag. Edi Schmickl have been supporting the school with other Klosterneuburgers for a long time and provide with Linda Chow Kordze on site that your money is well spent. We are also in contact with the children of the school.

What happens with your donation?

With € 200 we can ensure that a child can get at least one hot meal a day for a whole year, go to school and have better chances for the future.

Who are we?

We are a donation group of students of the BG/BRG Klosterneuburg.

Involved classes: 4h, 4d, 4e, 1b

Who helps us?

Teachers Eva Strotzka and Markus Gruber help us run this organization.

Family Weinberger (with company Mag. Udo Weinberger Immobilien GmbH) and family Schrattenholzer (with company Hausbetreuung Attensam GmbH) and many other families help us raise money.

We are FutureMakers.

FutureMakers Flyer
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